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This page provides a brief explanation of the different types of adventure available, a listing of adventures by type (including their code, title and character levels supported), and a list of every known series that contains two or more adventures. There is also a quick guide to the rewards that can be expected at each level.

Other useful sites for information on LFR adventures include:
LFR Compendium - filter adventures by level, public vote ratings system.
Official LFR Wiki - links to author profiles.

What types of adventure are there?

How often are adventures released, and for how long do they remain in play?
During each quarter of the year the LFR campaign aims to release 3 Core adventures and also 1 Regional adventure from each Region, for a total of at least 15 new playable adventures per quarter. A Region which meets the deadlines for releasing its four standard adventures will be given permission to release a fifth Regional adventure that year. Thus we can expect to see 12 Core adventures and from 48 to 60 Regional adventures released each year, in addition to Adapted adventures, Special adventures and any other adventures that may be released. One of the aims of the LFR campaign is to have almost every adventure playable by anyone anywhere, regardless of when or where that adventure premieres.
All adventures remain in play for at least two years, the first ones won't retire from play until 31st December 2011.

How many of those adventures can I play with the same character, and how many will it take for them to level?
It will take approximately 25 to 30 successful adventures for a character to progress from 1st level to 11th level, so the average character will be gaining one level for every two-and-a-half to three adventures they play. If you want to play all of the adventures that are released, you'll need to have a selection of characters with which to do so. The vast majority of adventures have no restrictions regarding when, where, or by which characters they can be played, though some adventures may well provide additional benefits for certain types of character.
The different level ranges that will be available are as follows: 1-4, 4-7, 7-10, 11-14, 14-17, 17-20, 21-24, 24-27, and 27-30.
There are unlikely to be any adventures that allow characters of 10th and 11th levels or of 20th and 21st levels to adventure together, since it's felt that the jump in power of both characters and opponents at the beginnings of the Paragon and Epic levels of play make it impossible to provide a suitable challenge in a single adventure for those on both sides of the divide.

Core Adventures

CodeAdventure titleLevelsNotes
CORE 1-1Inheritance1-4
CORE 1-2The Radiant Vessel of Thesk1-4"Radiance Against Thay" quest start
CORE 1-3Sense of Wonder1-4"Cowled Wizards of Amn" quest start
CORE 1-4Crystal Clear4-7"Cowled Wizards of Amn" quest continuation (or start)
CORE 1-5Touched by Darkness4-7"Missing Children" quest start
CORE 1-6Incident at the Gorge of Gauros7-10"Radiance Against Thay" quest continuation
CORE 1-7Sovereign of the Mines7-10"Cowled Wizards of Amn" quest completion
CORE 1-8Taken7-10"Missing Children" quest completion
CORE 1-9Ages Best Left Forgotten7-10
CORE 1-10Dancing Shadows4-7"Bane of Shadows" quest start
CORE 1-11Drawing a Blank11-14"Plaguechanged Thing" quest start
CORE 1-12Songs of the Heart7-10"Bane of Shadows" quest continuation (or start)
CORE 1-13The Fate of Camp 151-4
CORE 1-14What Storms May Come11-14"Radiance Against Thay" quest completion
CORE 1-15Where Dragons Die11-14"Bane of Shadows" quest completion
CORE 1-16Fragments of a Shattered Mind11-142 rounds
CORE 1-17Finding Harmony4-7
CORE 2-1Killing the Messenger11-14Sequel to "Black Cloaks & Bitter Rivalries" (QUES1-1)
CORE 2-2Rising of the Dark11-14
CORE 2-3High Infidelity14-17"Five Companies" quest start
CORE 2-4Lost on the Golden Way1-4

Aglarond Regional Adventures

CodeAdventure titleLevelsNotes
AGLA 1-1Lost Temple of the Fey Gods1-4"Tome of Twilight Boughs" quest start
AGLA 1-2At the Foot of the Lighthouse4-7"Shadows of Thay" storyline start
AGLA 1-3The Worst of All Snares 7-10"Something Smells in Veltalar" quest start
AGLA 1-4Through Twilight Boughs4-7"Tome of Twilight Boughs" quest continuation
AGLA 1-5Silver Lining1-4"Circle of Stones" quest start & "Invisible Road" quest start
AGLA 1-6Twisted Roots Run Deep11-14"Something Smells in Veltalar" quest continuation
AGLA 1-7Twilight Ambitions7-10"Tome of Twilight Boughs" quest completion
AGLA 2-1The Undumor Connection7-10"Circle of Stones" quest continuation

Akanûl Regional Adventures

CodeAdventure titleLevelsNotes
AKAN 1-1The Rotting Ruins of Galain1-4
AKAN 1-2The Depths of Airspur4-7
AKAN 1-3Property for Sale7-10
AKAN 1-4Runes in Ruins4-7
AKAN 1-5Shell Game7-10"Akanûlís Dark Peril" quest start
AKAN 1-6Abeir Eternal7-10
AKAN 1-7Faint Hope1-4
AKAN 2-1Set Adrift11-14

Baldur's Gate Regional Adventures

CodeAdventure titleLevelsNotes
BALD 1-1Flames of Initiation1-4"Flaming Fist Apprenticeship" quest start
BALD 1-2The Night I Called the Undead Out4-7"Flaming Fist Apprenticeship" quest completion
BALD 1-3Tome of the Traitor7-10"Flaming Fist Apprenticeship" quest completion
BALD 1-4Silent Streets & Vanished Souls1-4
BALD 1-5Lost Refuge7-10"Fey Gates of the Sea of Swords" quest start or continuation
BALD 1-6Brothers in Arms4-7"Flaming Fist Apprenticeship" quest completion (or start)
BALD 2-1Turning Point11-14"Fey Gates of the Sea of Swords" quest completion

Cormyr Regional Adventures

CodeAdventure titleLevelsNotes
CORM 1-1The Black Knight of Arabel1-4"Badge of Temperance" quest start
CORM 1-2Gangs of Wheloon4-7"Badge of Temperance" quest continuation
CORM 1-3Head Above Water7-10"Badge of Temperance" quest completion
CORM 1-4All The King's Men7-10
CORM 1-5In the Bleak Midwinter1-4
CORM 1-6Curse of the Queen of Thorns11-14
CORM 1-7Patronage & Pestilence1-4
CORM 2-1For Crown & Kingdom1-4
CORM 2-2Pain11-14"Pain & Suffering" quest continuation

Dalelands Regional Adventures

CodeAdventure titleLevelsNotes
DALE 1-1The Prospect1-4"Conspiracy of Ravens" quest start
DALE 1-2Blades for Daggerdale4-7"Byar's Seven" quest start or continuation
DALE 1-3Master and Servant7-10"Conspiracy of Ravens" quest continuation
DALE 1-4The Lady in Flames4-7"Byar's Seven" quest start or continuation, loose prequel to "Forever" (DALE2-1)
DALE 1-5Hunters' Down7-10"Byar's Seven" quest completion
DALE 1-6The Vesperin Initiative11-14"Conspiracy of Ravens" quest completion
DALE 1-7Arts1-4"Arts & Crafts" quest
DALE 2-1Forever4-7Loose sequel to "The Lady in Flames" (DALE1-4)
DALE 2-2Agony14-17"Pain & Suffering" quest completion

Dragon Coast Regional Adventures

CodeAdventure titleLevelsNotes
DRAG 1-1Many Hands Make Light Work1-4
DRAG 1-2The Thin Gray Line4-7
DRAG 1-3A Stab in the Dark7-10
DRAG 1-4Falling Snow, White Petal4-7"White Petal Demise" quest start
DRAG 1-5White Flower Falling7-10"White Petal Demise" quest continuation
DRAG 1-6Night of Fallen Petals7-10"White Petal Demise" quest completion
DRAG 1-7Crafts1-4"Arts & Crafts" quest
DRAG 2-1Discomfort11-14"Pain & Suffering" quest start

East Rift Regional Adventures

CodeAdventure titleLevelsNotes
EAST 1-1These Hallowed Halls1-4
EAST 1-2Marauder's Spear4-7
EAST 1-3Unbidden7-10
EAST 1-4Darkness in Delzimmer1-4
EAST 1-5Mole Hunt4-7
EAST 1-6The Fardrop Incident11-14
EAST 1-7Right of Passage4-7
EAST 2-1Ends & Means4-7

Impiltur Regional Adventures

CodeAdventure titleLevelsNotes
IMPI 1-1Alone1-4
IMPI 1-2Breaking Point4-7"Plight of the Lost Souls" quest start
IMPI 1-3Lost Souls7-10"Plight of the Lost Souls" quest completion
IMPI 1-4Bandits on the Farm4-7
IMPI 1-5How to Hunt a Demon4-7"Fraternity of Tharos" quest start
IMPI 1-6The Ancient Temple11-14
IMPI 1-7Masquerade4-7
IMPI 2-1Goblins from Below 7-10

Luruar Regional Adventures

CodeAdventure titleLevelsNotes
LURU 1-1Slivers of Eaerlann1-4
LURU 1-2The Gibbous Moon4-7
LURU 1-3Shades of Blue Fire7-10
LURU 1-4Prey for the Night7-10
LURU 1-5Beyond the Wild Frontier7-10
LURU 1-6Desperate Times4-7
LURU 1-7Demonic Dealings7-10"House Itharwen" quest start

Moonshae Isles Regional Adventures

CodeAdventure titleLevelsNotes
MOON 1-1Nature's Wrath1-4
MOON 1-2The Sea Drake4-7
MOON 1-3Black Gold7-10"The Fisherman" quest start
MOON 1-4Black Blood7-10"The Fisherman" quest continuation
MOON 1-5Lost Love7-10"Fey Gates of the Sea of Swords" quest start or continuation
MOON 1-6Black Heart11-14"The Fisherman" quest completion
MOON 1-7Treasure Hunt7-10
MOON 2-1Darkness Falls over Moray4-7

Tymanther Regional Adventures

CodeAdventure titleLevelsNotes
TYMA 1-1Elder Wisdom1-4
TYMA 1-2Taking Stock of the Situation4-7
TYMA 1-3Tools of the Trade7-10"Unknown Entity" quest start
TYMA 1-4Death Before Dishonor4-7
TYMA 1-5From One Dwarf to Another1-4
TYMA 1-6Troubled Roads11-14
TYMA 1-7Stolen Cargo7-10
TYMA 2-1Old Enemies Arise1-4"Rise of Darkness" quest start
TYMA 2-2?4-7"Rise of Darkness" quest continuation

Waterdeep Regional Adventures

CodeAdventure titleLevelsNotes
WATE 1-1Heirloom1-4
WATE 1-2Dark Secrets of Downshadow4-7
WATE 1-3The Woolmen's Restless Tomb7-10"Quest for the Necromancer" quest start
WATE 1-4Mystery of Deepwater Harbor7-10"Quest for the Necromancer" quest continuation
WATE 1-5Lost in the Fog1-4"For Family & Heritage" quest start
WATE 1-6Out of Hatred11-14"Quest for the Necromancer" quest completion
WATE 1-7The Missing & the Missed4-7
WATE 2-1Gilding a Noble7-10"Restoring Splendour" quest start
WATE 2-2?11-14"Restoring Splendour" quest continuation
WATE 2-3?11-14"Restoring Splendour" quest completion

Mini-Campaign Adventures

CodeAdventure titleLevelsNotes
MINI 1-1Stirring the Embers1-42 rounds, "Embers of Dawn" Part 1
MINI 1-2The Burning Scent of Perfumed Swords1-42 rounds, "Embers of Dawn" Part 2
MINI 1-3Building the Pyre1-42 rounds, "Embers of Dawn" Part 3
MINI 1-4Coaxing the Flame1-42 rounds, "Embers of Dawn" Part 4
MINI 1-5Pyrophobia1-42 rounds, "Embers of Dawn" Part 5
MINI 1-6Quench the Fire of the Raging God1-42 rounds, "Embers of Dawn" Part 6

Adapted Adventures

CodeAdventure titleLevelsNotes
ADAP 1-1Barrow of the Ogre King1-26 hours, from the FR Campaign Guide, Erratum
ADAP 1-2Scepter Tower of Spellgard (Part 1)1-2FR1 product listing, 3-4 rounds
ADAP 1-3Scepter Tower of Spellgard (Part 2)2-3FR1 product listing, 3-4 rounds
ADAP 1-4Scepter Tower of Spellgard (Part 3)3-4FR1 product listing, 4-5 rounds
ADAP 1-5Menace of the Icy Spire1-46 hours, from Dungeon magazine #159, sequel to ADAP1-1, "Draigdurroch's Fate" quest start

Special Adventures

CodeAdventure titleLevelsNotes
SPEC 1-1Shades of the Zhentarim1-42 rounds, "Ruins of Zhentil Keep" quest start
SPEC 1-2Zhent's Ancient Shadows7-102 rounds, "Ruins of Zhentil Keep" quest completion
SPEC 1-3 H1Ghosts of the Past: Hive of Corruption1-4
SPEC 1-3 H2Ghosts of the Past: Windsong Tower4-7
SPEC 1-3 H3Ghosts of the Past: Siren's Lure7-10
SPEC 1-3 P1Ghosts of the Past: Dark Portal11-14
SPEC 2-1 H1The Blue Fire Chronicles: The Scourge of Scornubel1-4Prequel to "The Paladins' Plague" (ADCP2-1)
SPEC 2-1 H2The Blue Fire Chronicles: Dogs of War4-7Prequel to "The Paladins' Plague" (ADCP2-1)
SPEC 2-1 H3The Blue Fire Chronicles: The Morninglord's Laughter7-10Prequel to "The Paladins' Plague" (ADCP2-1)
SPEC 2-1 P1The Blue Fire Chronicles: Blinking Eye of Fire11-14Prequel to "The Paladins' Plague" (ADCP2-1)
SPEC 2-1 P2The Blue Fire Chronicles: Scout's Honour14-17Prequel to "The Paladins' Plague" (ADCP2-1)
WEEK 1-1Beneath Haunted Halls (Part 1)1-4"Weekend in the Realms 2008" only, "Mission for Bozul" quest start
WEEK 1-2Beneath Haunted Halls (Part 2)1-4"Weekend in the Realms 2008" only
WEEK 1-3Beneath Haunted Halls (Part 3)1-4"Weekend in the Realms 2008" only, "Mission for Bozul" quest finish
WEEK 1-4The Icy Queen's Crossing1-4"Weekend in the Realms 2009" only, novel tie-in

Adventuring Company Adventures

CodeAdventure titleLevelsNotes
ADCP 1-1Jungle Hunt1-14Public Play only
ADCP 2-1The Paladins' Plague1-17Convention only Battle Interactive, sequel to SPEC2-1

Quest Adventures

CodeAdventure titleLevelsReward CardNotes
QUES 1-1Black Cloaks & Bitter Rivalries7-10Zhentarim Infiltration- Prequel to "Killing the Messenger" (CORE2-1)
QUES 1-2Stir Not the World's Doom11-14In Slumber Remain

My Realms Adventures

CodeAdventure titleLevelsNotes
MYRE 1-1My Realms Adventure H1 20091-4
MYRE 1-2My Realms Adventure H2 20094-7
MYRE 1-3My Realms Adventure H3 20097-10
MYRE 1-4My Realms Adventure P1 2009 11-14

Preview Adventures

CodeAdventure titleLevelsNotes
PREV-1Scalegloom Hall1stBased on "Kobold Hall" from the DMG
PREV-2Escape From Sembia1st
PREV-3Death in the Skyfire Wastes3rd

Adventure Series

Listed in this section are every series that contains one or more sequential adventures.

Adventure Rewards

Core adventures, Regional adventures and many other adventures cover a set level range (usually four levels) and have two slightly different versions within that level range, Low Tier and High Tier. For standard adventures there is a set limit on experience award caps and treasure award caps for each tier at each range. Where an adventure does not follow this structure it will be noted under that adventure's entry on the Adventure Details page, otherwise consult the table below.

Levels & Tier -Experience -Gold -Extra -Major Quest completion - Found Magic Items
H1 (1-4) Low400xp75gp+50gp+125xp (=525xp)level 1 to 8
H1 (1-4) High560xp100gp+75gp+175xp (=735xp)level 1 to 8
H2 (4-7) Low640xp100gp+125gp+200xp (=840xp)level 4 to 10
H2 (4-7) High960xp150gp+250gp+300xp (=1260xp)level 4 to 11
H3 (7-10) Low1120xp150gp+350gp+350xp (=1470xp)level 6 to 12
H3 (7-10) High1600xp200gp+500gp+500xp (=2100xp)level 7 to 14
P1 (11-14) Low2240xp1200gp+1300gp+700xp (=2940xp)level 10 to 16
P1 (11-14) High3200xp2200gp+2100gp+1000xp (=4200xp)level 10 to 18
P2 (14-17) Low3840xp2200gp+3300gp+?xp (=?xp)level 15 to 18
P2 (14-17) High5120xp6000gp+6500gp+?xp (=?xp)level 15 to 20

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